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Topic Name: Combinator HQ - Grand Re-Opening!!!
Artist:  Lizard
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 Comment Posted: Sat Oct 26, 2013 
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Hello good citizens of the Reasontracks Community! I am happy to announce the Re-Opening of Combinator HQ for the Reason Community. Our site has had a rich history in providing resources for the Reason user and we want to continue doing the same here today. Combinator HQ opened its doors in 2005 and became successful in a short time by the generosity of its members.

What is this Combinator HQ that you speak of? If you were so inclined, you may consider sitting around a campfire with your veteran forum members and listen to them spin yarn of the old days where people could share their hard works in patch creation and sound making for all to see. It was a “no frills” place that simply laid out stuff for the taking and allowed users to show off their wares. It was the best of times.

Fast forward to today. We are in a Rebirth if you will. Combinator patches are just as prevalent today as they ever were with even more to offer. Reason has more to offer! And so do Reason users! Reason is today an ever growing level of sound patches for multiples of devices. What to do?!

Worry no more I say! Combinator HQ has Re-Risen and ready to provide the link between users to get more out of their investments by sharing the hard work and labor between each other. Get a greater use out of your devices by experiencing the talents of others. Take advantage of other’s creations and learn new techniques and tricks to enhance your patch making abilities. No longer are we limiting ourselves to Combinator Patches. We support ALL Reason devices from native devices like Thor and Subtractor to the latest Rack Extension releases. We will be keeping up with new releases as they come available and surely give the users a place to share amongst themselves as it happens.

We have big plans so look for future developments. But for now, take advantage of this wonderful tool and let’s help build a patch making/sharing community. It’s success is your success. It’s growth is dependent upon its members. So if you are up to the challenge and it is something you may want to be a part of then come down and see us. Direct your web page to the following address :


We look forward to seeing you there!
All the Best,


*** Note : Registration will again be required for previous members as well as new ones. Sorry ‘bout that.

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